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The Importance of a Bigger Purpose and Self Awareness when Building Wealth.

In this podcast episode, Dustin sits down with entrepreneur Chris Chapman, who shares insights and advice on how to increase income and build wealth. He emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, becoming addicted to learning, and finding a reason bigger than oneself for wanting to be successful. Chris also shares tips on improving mental health through positive habits such as gratitude, exercise, and proper diet.

He recommends book and podcast resources for personal development and financial literacy. Chris Chapman grew up in a middle class family and at a young age aspired to be different than most. His entrepreneurial background begins at 12 years old when he would go door to door asking to mow people's lawns to help support himself financially. Since then, he has become a Clemson University graduate who majored in business and entrepreneurship.

After graduation, Chris Chapman spent time as an Account Manager where he built relationships with Fortune 500 clients. He is now an Executive Director for a firm that makes annual economic business intelligence reports, in this role he sells advertisements directly to the C-suite. He is also the Founder of the Next Level Minds podcast and coaching brand.

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