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  • Dustin Serviss

Without Your Health, You Have Nothing

“A sick man only wants one thing, a healthy man wants 10,000 things.”


*A short clip from the podcast episode on this topic*

When it comes to your life, there is a reality in which you sacrifice everything for the single-minded outcome of being fictionally happy. You save, thrift, and wait - all to achieve some yet-unforeseen future that promises to give you everything you could ever want.

But what do you risk losing in the process?

As you begin to build a healthy understanding of your financial life, you must have a working balance of physical, mental, and emotional health. Without your health - you have nothing. So, are you healthy?

A Truly Healthy Budget

In the wealth planning world, there is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to the idea of leisure spending. While many would convince you to scrimp and save your money for the future, what if that future never comes?

To access true emotional, mental, and physical health, it is wise to have a balanced set of goals and a budget that gives you a spending margin. Consider having a failure budget that allows you to invest in opportunities that may go nowhere.

Learning what you love and making memories along the way is worth every dollar you spend.

Investing In Your Moai

The Okinawa region of Japan is well-known for being home to many of the world’s oldest individuals. What has led this remarkable group of people to live so long?

The key to their near-immortality may be found in their moai - their lifelong set of close friends and relations.

For these unique individuals, their moai journey through life with them. Whether they need help with raising children, building a family, making ends meet, the moai is always there to lend a hand. This family is so central to the Japanese people that they don’t have a word for “retirement” - because what could you possibly need to retire from when you have all you need in your moai?

You may not have a moai, but do you have close friends? Relationships? Individuals with whom you are traveling down the road of life, making memories along the way? A healthy wealth plan is diversified with the investments of friendship.

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Wendy Kess
Wendy Kess
Feb 18, 2023

Who is "known" to have said first: "Without your health you have nothing" ?? I have heard it many times & was wondering IF/WHO said it first, so I may QUOTE them. Thanks. Not sure how to "check back" for the answer... so feel free to email me...

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