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  • Dustin Serviss

You Are Now Entering The Accumulation Zone

Once you have put in the time to build and develop the bottom layers of your financial pyramid, the time will come when you must consider the steps necessary to move toward your goals.

You are now entering the stage known as the accumulation zone - where you begin collecting and acting on the steps you need to get where you are living the life you will truly enjoy.

Remember: Your Future Is Yours

As you have moved up the pyramid of financial planning, each step has been marked by steps that are uniquely designed to fit your circumstances and future goals. Sounds great, right?

Yet for many, the step of accumulation seems to take on a look and feel that is defined by others.

Once you’ve made your goals, defined your BAM, managed your risks, and set up your leisure budgets, it’s time to look toward developing a net worth that is yours as well. Your retirement plan can be as complex or simple as you want - just remember to consistently return to it and ensure it matches your goals.

Pick a consistent rhythm to evaluate how your accumulation is going and commit to making decisions that better your overall net-worth. Those decisions could be to pay down current debts, increase payments on your mortgage, or invest in the market as your expertise and resources allow.

Give yourself the permission to explore the ideas that are within your circle of competence and take risks that help you learn who you are.

Redefining Retirement

Traditional financial advice tells you to save as much as possible to retire safely. In the Accumulation Zone, you will begin to redife that concept. Rather than doing everything possible to achieve an outcome in the unknown future, what if you could live with more freedom today?

As you begin to design your life, you will start to see each day as a unique investment opportunity. Are you investing in the right things?

For example, consider your job. Find a career or vocation that gives you life, not just money. You only have one life - if your daily life is taking more than it’s investing in your life, what is the final value of that?

Start changing how you view your life investments, and your Accumulation Zone will start to pay dividends that help you experience the life you want - starting today!

Continue learning how to unlock the secrets to the life, happiness, and wealth you’ve always wanted. Check out the Picture of Wealth podcast - hosted by Dustin Serviss. Discover the tips, tricks, and insights that unlock a life well spent. Listen today where you listen to podcasts.

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