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The Host

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Dustin Serviss

Hey, I'm Dustin. “Adventure” is a major part of My life.


Adventure drives every important aspect of my life. Both in personal dealings and in my business/financial world, I believe in always taking the road less travelled. I love to seek out new and unique experiences. From fishing 200lb Sturgeon to Racing Exotic Cars in Las Vegas, I try to find adventure wherever I go!

What Is My Message? 

I've seen so many great people let their lives pass them by because they are in a neverending race  to make that next dollar. So I've dedicated my life to helping people live more of their lives NOW, while also creating a solid foundation for their future! Money is freedom, people! 

Why Should You care About What I Have to Say? 

I have helped hundreds of clients manage their money and increase their overall wealth through my business, Serviss Wealth Management (

I attribute my success in the field of finance to the fact that I am a lifelong learner dedicated to challenging ideas and growing in every way possible. I am a husband, a father of two boys, and a lover of life. I love to fish, snowmobile, hike...the sky’s the limit!

My message spans much broader than financial advice; it serves as a roadmap to living what I have coined, “The Picture of Wealth". 

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