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Just Jump In - How Fear Stops You From Living The Life You Want

Stop and think for a moment about the life you wish you are currently living.

Are there any regrets that you have?

Any places to visit, experiences to have, or fun memories you thought you would have made by now?

Now ask yourself: What is keeping you from living the life you want to live -today?

In the latest episode of the Picture of Wealth Podcast, host Dustin Serviss sat down with Kelowna real estate guru Shannon Stone to discuss how fear stops many from living the life they desire today.

Learning From Risk

To learn how one can take bold steps toward living a thriving life today, Shannon and Dustin look back on their experiences growing up in a much different world. While today’s fast-paced world gives you everything at your fingertips -too much knowledge often leads to analysis paralysis.

For Shannon, learning to overcome risk became a real choice when she decided to follow the family business into the real estate market. Having grown up thinking she would work in tourism, her early success in real estate led her to a place where she had to get flexible and risky with her business.

Learning that a life of late nights and working weekends wouldn’t cut it, Shannon and her sister Tamara decided to risk their margins to bring on new team members. While they knew it may cost them much-needed revenue, they jumped in anyway and let life happen.

The result? Six months of risk led to the growth they needed to take the next steps in their business. Perhaps the life you want to live does exist -on the other side of risk.

Buying The Pool: Living Your Life -Today!

Shannon and Dustin discuss how fear is often the aspect that keeps us from living our lives today. For Shanon, the next stage of risk came with choosing to put in a pool in their home that their kids and family would love.

On its head, the costly decision to install a pool was a no-brainer:Why spend the money on something that seemed so extraneous -and potentially dangerous?

Yet, for Shannon, the decision to go against conventional wisdom was driven by the realization that the real risk wasn’t what could potentially happen. The true risk was waiting and wasting today’s joy for an unknown future.

What if we are preventing ourselves and our kids from growing by our own misplaced fear? What if we could build trust in our kids -and ourselves -by taking a risk and trusting the outcome?

For Shannon Stone, life was too short to miss out on the fun memories that a pool could bring to their lives. When it comes to life, the same rings true: Life is short. You need to enjoy life and live now. Get the pool, and jump in!

Dustin’s full interview with Shannon Stone is full of great stories of risking it all to experience the life you’ve always wanted. To hear the full interview and learn more great lessons on life, happiness, and true wealth, download the latest episode of the Picture of Wealth podcast. Listen today where you listen to podcasts.


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