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  • Dustin Serviss

Rowing When It’s Too Late: The Mental Health Effect On Wealth

“Kill the monster while it’s small!”

Tony Robbins

As we think of holistic wealth, one of the most important investments you can make is in your mental health.

Unfortunately, too many individuals allow their mental health to take a seat on the back-burner of life and only take notice when the alarm bells are going off.

Sadly, learning that your mental health is keeping you from the life of true wealth and happiness that you want often comes when it's too late to change it.

Instead of facing a waterfall of mental health troubles, what if you could take steps today that could keep you floating down the stream of calm and comfort? It all starts with building a proper understanding of mental health investment.

The Niagara Falls Syndrome

Coined by life coach and wellness guru Tony Robbins, the Niagara Falls Syndrome is a great way to understand how avoiding mental health can lead to catastrophic outcomes. Imagine you are floating down a lazy river, enjoying the scenery. You hear a roar in the distance, but decide it’s not worth the worry and let the boat carry you forward.

Suddenly, you wake up to realize the roar has become deafening. What is this sound? You look across the bow of your boat and discover you are mere yards away from plummeting over Niagara Falls!

You grab the paddles and try to row away from impending doom. Unfortunately, it’s too late. The power of the rapids carries you toward the edge. If you had only taken note of your circumstances when the river was calm, you could have prepared and avoided this outcome!


It’s All About Balance

The Niagara Falls Syndrome is the perfect example of the reality so many face when they experience financial trouble. It is only when it’s too late that many discover their poor mental health has led them to make decisions that led them down the path toward the mighty rushing falls.

Happiness guru Neil Pasricha shares how so many individuals find themselves living in the “high thinking/high doing” places of life that they never stop to invest in the “space zone” - that place of slowness that allows them to recharge and recover. With a limited amount of time available to us each day, we can often sacrifice our mental health on the altar of supposed “success” - only to watch our lives plummet off Niagara Falls and lose it all.

So what will you do? Will you wake up to reality and take the steps today to invest in yourself? The falls are roaring - and you still have time to switch paths!

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