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The Happiness Trap

An incredible book that dives into the rewiring of how we view happiness is Russ Harris’s The Happiness Trap. In his deep dive into human behavior, Harris breaks down the hidden motivations and desires that drive us toward daily decisions.

One driver that is particularly important in building a life of wealth is the thought that more money equals more happiness.

To illustrate the point, Russ uses two characters - a therapist and his client - to demonstrate how we can break down our misplaced expectations to reach our true desires without setting impossible goals. In one conversation, the therapist asks his client:

“If you were stinkin’ rich, what would you do?”

The client responds,

“I’d travel the world and finally relax. I’d finally be able to see art - one of my true loves.”

The therapist then shows the client how his desire isn’t actually for more money - it is to reach a point where he can fulfill a desire to relax and enjoy art.

The two go back and forth, and each time the therapist shows the client that all of the time he has spent chasing after the money has caused him to miss his true desires.

If only he could open his eyes to the truth!

You Might Already Be Rich

Would a sudden landfall of money from a lucky investment or lucrative opportunity open the gates to traveling the world, relaxing on pristine beaches, and seeing the world’s greatest art pieces? Sure.

But what if you could do those same things right where you are?

What if you could take a well-planned staycation, spend some time at a lake or beach to relax, and enjoy art at your local arts and culture center?

Too many people are convinced that they have to be financially rich before they can enjoy a life of wealth.

Of course, traveling is an excellent opportunity to see some rare sights, but that misses the point. Our desire isn’t to have money - it’s to enjoy those things that we think money can bring us.

Unfortunately, chasing after financial goals - while honorable - can lead one to an endless cycle of goal setting and resetting. It can be hard to know when you have actually arrived and reached your goals if there is always something else out there on the horizon!

Why Do You Want To Be Wealthy?

Asking yourself this question is paramount to achieving a life of wealth. What is the reason that you want to make more money for yourself and your family?

To build financial stability for your family? Don’t forget to spend time with them today!

To take a trip or buy something? Remember that the experience fades - invest in ways to enjoy the day today as well!

To find yourself in a place where you no longer stress about money? There are plenty of ways you can reduce your stress right now - without becoming financially wealthy!

When you realize what being wealthy actually looks different than making money, you can make better goals and enjoy your life today - while you are responsibly preparing for the future.

Want to hear more great lessons on life, happiness, and true wealth? Check out the Picture of Wealth podcast - hosted by Dustin Serviss. Discover the tips, tricks, and insights that unlock a life well spent. Listen today where you listen to podcasts.


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