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The Life-Giving Power Of DIY

When it comes to building wealth in your life in practical ways, remember this mantra: Things that take longer are okay.

Outside of your business life, you likely have a long list of tasks that call you to invest time and effort. However, there is risk and cost that comes with treating these DIY moments in the same ways as your business operations.

Here are three tips for helping you take advantage of your off hours and build personal wealth in the moment.

Don’t Scrutinize Your To-Do List

In life, you will always discover that your to-do list is growing -many times, exponentially. But that’s the reality of the journey of life! We are put on this earth to create and cultivate things, and sometimes that may take a bit of time to accomplish.

As much as you may have a desire to accomplish projects faster with the best tools and equipment, sometimes an ego-check is just as valuable. Remember that the hard work involved with some longer projects creates value in itself.

Remember the lessons of those longest-living individuals in Okinawa, Japan. These men and women work with their hands until they are eighty or ninety years-old -and love every minute of it! Even without the benefit of technology, they find joy in their work because they are focused on the work -not the result.

When it comes to relaxation, don’t scrutinize your to-do list with a focus on the outcome and timeline. Some things are best done slowly and by hand.

Nothing Is Perfect

When it comes to personal projects, don’t paralyze yourself trying to reach perfection. The beauty is often found in the rugged uniqueness of imperfection. Let this free you up when it comes to you to-do list!

What are the most important things in your life? Each of those is unique and imperfect. Yet, within each is an imperfection that makes it special and purposeful.Give that same value to your to-do list, and discover how this way of thinking helps you approach your off-hours tasks with new joy.

Get Out And Play In The Moment

Never underestimate the power of play. Sometimes, the best way you can build value in your life is to drop it all and get outside and play.

This is especially true if you have kids! Children have a way of forcing us to reckon with our attachments to our productivity. When you let kids run your schedule with untimed play, you can let yourself take a break and rest in the beauty that comes with the unexpected. This will help recharge you and give you a renewed sense of passion in your life.

As a business owner, it is essential that you develop ways to help you work through your off-hours in a way that brings you joy and passion. When you build and develop these methods in your personal life, you will quickly discover a boost to your business life as well!

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